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Permit expediting and project submittal in Colorado

Service First Permits provides permit expediting and project submittal oversight services throughout the Denver Metro area, Colorado.

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We save time
Service First Permits tracks the project through the municipal review process, coordinates re-submittal information for all construction disciplines and resubmits response items to various municipal agencies.  This results in a structured review process and expedited permit issuance.  Service First Permits obtains the construction permit (or agency approval) and distributes pertinent documentation to the client, or general contractor of record. The process at Service First Permits is consistent and efficient, minimizing regulatory review timelines and improving on the permit issuance date.
What we offer
Operational capabilities of Service First Permits include construction project submittals to Colorado municipal regulatory review agencies. Service First Permits reviews construction documents for submittal thoroughness and potential code compliance issues. When all issues of concern are resolved, Service First Permits submits construction documents to all applicable municipal agencies.
Who needs us?
Our clients include general contractors, architecture firms, building management companies and various business entrepreneurs seeking efficiency in the submittal and review process.  Service First Permits has created an extensive network of Colorado municipal agency contacts, and works to streamline the review process of construction proposals for permit issuance and regulatory approval.
Service First Permits specializes in office tenant finish, retail construction, and obtains residential construction permits.  Due diligence and knowledge of Colorado municipal application requirements, procedures and timelines, are an integral part of the Service First Permits guarantee.  Service First Permits works directly with design professionals and public sector reviewers to improve the regulatory review process, meeting all municipal requirements, resulting in improved timelines for issuance of construction permits

Providing Value in Service

The initial step to providing effective permit expediting services is to establish all stakeholder needs and expectations. Service First Permits customizes services on a project by project/client by client basis, working closely with all parties to design an effective strategy for construction permit issuance. The result is rapid review from regulatory agencies, a coordinated response and resubmittal process, and improved efficiency for construction permit issuance.

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